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I'm very excited to be part of this enormous project! How do you plan to acquire asteroids in the future? Will the governments/NASA/... let you do it? Or you will cooperate with them? Do you have any document that guarantees it?

Very good questions. The 1967 Outer Space Treaty actually clearly states that no governments have the right or ability to govern space.  Therefore “Governments/NASA/....” don’t have the ability to grant permission to anyone since they themselves have already agreed that they have no authority. 


The Outer Space Treaty also clearly states that space and its resources belong to all humankind. Just as with the internet, space belongs to everyone and no-one at the same time.  Yet, there is a system in place to keep a record of a "claim" and assign specific URLs to individuals or companies.  That system for the internet is managed by a private company  known as ICANN.  In the same way, we will create a Public Ledger with blockchain technology to keep record of who has claim to which asteroids in space.  BlockClaim™ is creating a Universal Resource Locator for Space.

How can you “Democratize Space”?
Do you foresee any chances of Asteroid, Ltd. actually flying up to these asteroids or partnering with companies to make this exploration happen?
How does Asteroid, Ltd. plan on marketing this idea to the masses? It's a bit complex and I would think it will take a bit for people to wrap their heads around it.
Project seems like a great idea. But I'm curious, what use-case will individuals have by claiming a portion of an asteroid if he/she does not have access to it?
When will ASTRcoin® be listed on an Exchange?
How is the price calculated for the ICO?
What is the present valuation of Asteroid, Ltd?
Could you please explain the intrinsic value of $1000 per coin that the white paper posits within the first 6 months? Also does 1 ASTR® = 1 claimant?