The Mission

"Democratizing Space"

BlockClaim_ The Universal Resource Locator (URL) for Space…

Here we are, at this apex of the most exciting and some would say the most challenging adventure humankind has every attempted. As we enter the Age of Space Exploration many opportunities will surface. Most will be out of our reach financially and technically, but, nonetheless, the writing is on the wall, Space will be explored and commercialized. Someone needs to keep track of this and help bring sanity to the claims that will be made.

This is where the Asteroid, Ltd.’s BlockClaim™ Ecosystem comes in and here is where it gets interesting.

We all realize that the blockchain is a perfect repository, an immutable ledger whereby records may be stored and cannot be altered. Asteroid, Ltd.’s proprietary BlockClaim™ Ecosystem is ingenious, sustainable and economically sound. They, who make the early claims, will be like those who made claims to .coms in the advent of the internet and the World Wide Web. We anticipate millions upon millions of BlockClaims® will be made, because, simply put, Why Not?

The BlockClaim™is the URL of Space. Imagine if you and I bought as many URL’s at the advent of the World Wide Web as we could afford. How much would our URL “claim” be worth today?

Some of the most valued companies in the world are internet based, yet NO ONE OWNS the internet, or, as some say, EVERYONE OWNS it. Something to ponder as we enter into the Age of Space.



IN 2015

A Humble Beginning

Asteroid, Ltd. HK was formed in November of 2015.  Approximately HK $9,500,000 dollars were expended before an ICO was planned.  During this time, a considerable amount of development has transpired.   We had a SMALL CAP goal of new investment from the ICO of HK $2,000,000 which has been exceed in the first few days of the ICO, which is presently over HK $4,500,000 dollars and growing each day. 

An Enchanting Desire

Space is a "do-over", whereby all humankind may reap the rewards and enjoy the benefits of limitless resources and adventure. 

The World Wide Web gave billions upon billions of individuals the ability to obtain information and created the Information Age.  What allowed tis to occur was a sophisticated naming and claiming system called a URL. 

We beleive the BlockClaim™ Ecosystem will bring many millions upon millions of people the ability to claim Space for themselves and their posterity.

The Age of Space is now upon us.  Let's not let it pass us by...


Financing The Adventure

Financing an adventure is oft-times a trying time for any business venture.  However, in this new age of the Network Economy many new ways to finance opportunities are being explored and implemented in ways here-to-fore unthinkable.

To be sure, democratizing space will be a massive undertaking requiring many million upon millions of participants who are passionate and enchanted with the possibilities of space exploration. 

It starts with defining claiming rights; and claim we must.  Each one of us has been granted this in The Outer Space Treaty.  It is a unique and exciting time as we actualize the opportunity afforded us. 

Asteroid Ltd. in co-operation with The Asteroid Society will help all of us realize the dreams of our youth. Let us join together in the Network Economy and build significant value for ourselves as we all enter the Age of Space.