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The BlockClaim™ Protocol

The BlockClaim™ Protocol is the first of its kind. It provides elementary requirements to become both a very large network and a non-governmental registry system to ensure its growth, as did the Internet. We would go as far as saying that this will be the first non-terrestrial network providing several aspects in registry, lookup, verification protocols, currency, trading, hypothecating, while offering a myriad of Fin-Tech opportunities.

The BlockClaim™ Protocol provides for the dissemination and registration of mining claims in space. Since, obviously, this is a nascent field, any investment must first determine value based on certain criteria. Within this website you will be presented with several historic indicators of success and particular forward-looking statements as to the veracity of the presented material.

For space mining to be successful, certain protocols must be employed to enable the growth of the industry. While others are trying to determine methodology and technology to mine space, a definable and consistent worldwide application of a dataset to determine value and ownership must be employed to enable the industry to grow.
The BlockClaim™ is to space what the World Wide Web has become terrestrially.


Uses a Proprietary Algorithim to Value over 937,000 Asteroids


Closeness Score


The closeness score is another construct with no justification provided. Aphelion, perihelion, major axis, and delta-v are used to create a score ranging from ~2,500 to ~10,000.

Delta V


Delta-V is a measure of the impulse per unit of spacecraft mass that is needed to perform a manoeuvre, in our case the manoeuvre is travel from Earth to an asteroid



The interpretation of asteroid spectra provides the basis for determining the chemical composition and physical process that modified the surface of the asteroids. The increasing number of asteroid spectral measurements has lead to well-developed methods for analyzing asteroid spectra.

We use delta-v and the closeness score to represent the energy required, per kg, to travel to and from an asteroid, assuming that this energy expenditure represents the majority of the investment into the mining process. Asteroid value is divided by this energy value to estimate profit.At this stage it is difficult to make assumptions about the mining process itself as solar energy could be harnessed to mine efficiently over longer periods of time. The suitability of asteroids with respect to mass is also difficult to judge as there may be benefits to additional gravity or surface area. The speed of rotation of an asteroid may also affect the difficulty of the mining process, requiring energy to be expended to slow an asteroids rotation. Asteroids may also have inconvenient orbits that come close to Earth but only rarely, increasing the time investment required.

Years in the making ...

Space is the final frontier!

  • Those who have the first claims will have a significant say how extra-terrestrial rights are formed

  • Of course, historically, those who claim first often receive the most benefit

  • A BlockClaim™ provides everyone an opportunity to become part of “Space, the Final Frontier”


What is a PROTOCOL?

Why is the BlockClaim™ so good for humankind?

A protocol is a standard set of rules that allow electronic devices to communicate with each other. These rules include what type of data may be transmitted, what commands are used to send and receive data, and how data transfers are confirmed. You can think of a protocol as a spoken language.

The Outer Space Treaty of 1967 is the original draft of a diplomatic document, it clearly identifies the terms of a treaty agreed to in conference and signed by the over 132 nations.

A Protocol defines a set of procedures or steps to be followed for the accomplishment of a given task. Procedures are task oriented. A BlockClaim™ is a defined way to establish an immutable record using a defined algorithm to couple with a blockchain distributed ledger, called Hyper Ledger. This combination provides a way for an individual or company to securely choose and record a claim while providing for a ledger that is distributed and available in an open environment. It is much like obtaining a URL (Universal Resource Location) on the World Wide Web.
It is a remarkable achievement cataloguing over 937,000 asteroids with spectral, delta-v and composition.

Maybe it's Time to Join?


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Learn more about a BlockClaim™. Quite possibly the most valuable new protocol on the planet. Learn how you may lay your claim to space. It exciting and rewarding. While most think mining in space is decades away. The reality is we are maybe 5 years or less from the realising this opportunity. The promise will provide humankind with a limitless supply of materials, of adventure, of exploration and it will assist in making our home planet green.
Join us today! It is free and it is something we all need to do. For ourselves, for our children, for the world and for the sheer delight of discovering!

Space is for everybody. It’s not just for a few people in science or math, or for a select group of astronauts. That’s our new frontier out there, and it’s everybody’s business to know about space.

- Christa McAuliffe

Notable Quotes ...

Those who came before us made certain that this country rode the first waves of the industrial revolutions, the first waves of modern invention, and the first wave of nuclear power, and this generation does not intend to founder in the backwash of the coming age of space. We mean to be a part of it–we mean to lead it. For the eyes of the world now look into space, to the moon and to the planets beyond, and we have vowed that we shall not see it governed by a hostile flag of conquest, but by a banner of freedom and peace. We have vowed that we shall not see space filled with weapons of mass destruction, but with instruments of knowledge and understanding.”
– John F. Kennedy


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