Democratizing Space

                                                                                                                  "one BlockClaim™ at a time"


"Making It Happen"



We have implemented over 940,000 Asteroids in a blockchain system known as  HYPERLEDGER FABRIC.  Over 137,000 have a mineable value. Development of the Asteroid BlockClaim™ Ecosystem and launch the Claim Platform will occur in the next month.  This will allow anyone to register BlockClaims™on Asteroids.


Our right to claim space has been given to us based on “The Outer Space Treaty”, ratified in 1967.  All we MUST do is claim our rights.  Asteroid, Ltd. in making this possible NOW through a proprietary BlockClaim™ on the immutable ledger of the blockchain.



Expansion of The Asteroid Society to add the market place for members to register BlockClaims™ using The ASTRcoin®

Deploy the IOS and Android mobile app, presently in development, allowing immediate and continued access to the registration of a mining claim for everyone.



The Asteroid BlockClaim™ Exchange (“ABE®”) will allow individual BlockClaims™ to be traded & exchanged in an online marketplace and through potential mining co-operatives established by claimants.


 What's  A BlockClaim™?

  The Universal Resource Locator (URL) for Space…

The Mission

The A-Team has devised a clever system, modelled after the system we are all familiar with, called URL’s, whereby, on the World Wide Web, we made our “claim” to billions and billions of domain names.  However, in this instance, the over 940,000 identified and catalogued Asteroids will be codified on the immutable ledger of the blockchain where you may make a BlockClaim™.

  • We all realize that the blockchain is a perfect repository, an immutable ledger whereby records may be stored and cannot be altered.
  • Asteroid, Ltd.’s proprietary BlockClaim™ Ecosystem is ingenious, sustainable and economically sound.
  • They, who make the early claims, will be like those who made claims to .coms in the advent of the internet and the World Wide Web. 
  • We anticipate millions upon millions of BlockClaims™ will be made.
  •  1 factional value of asteroid-02-02.png
  • 2 factional value of asteroid-02-02-03.png
  • factional value of asteroid no 3-04.png



"...the first Trillionaire that will ever be... is the person who mines asteroids...:


"... Being described as a Galactic Goldmine..."


"...Space beckons us all..."

Join Today

The Asteroid Society® is a Public Good Membership Organization with tens of thousands of people, just like you, joining together to ensure that space will be ours, now and in the future. Let us then Democratize Space ​and create a new paradigm for the development and ownership of what is, unquestionably, the single largest and most rewarding adventure in the history of humankind.

“Simply stated, The Stars Ar Ours!”

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